How To Improve the Quality of your Senior Dogs Life

That doesn’t mean that your dog's senior years can’t be the best of their life.



Your senior dog is getting older. It would be great if we could turn back time, but we can't. That doesn’t mean that your dog's senior years can't be the best of her life. Living with a senior dog is different than living with a puppy or even an adult dog. There are certain things you will need to change to accommodate your senior dog’s needs, but you can do it. Consider the following three ideas on how to improve the quality of your senior dog's life.



3 Tips On How to Improve the Quality of a Senior Dog's Life

1. Get Your Senior Dog Outside


It might seem obvious, but getting your dog outside will do wonders for her quality of life. First of all, all dogs, even senior dogs, need their exercise. As you know doubt know, senior dogs are more prone to gain excess weight. Overweight dogs are more prone to serious health issues such as, but not limited to, cardiac problems, respiratory issues, arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia, and more. Unfortunately, for senior dogs, gaining weight and then suffering from serious medical issues can be cyclical. If you get your dog outside and moving, she is more likely to maintain a healthy weight. If she is at a healthy weight, she is more likely to stay healthy for longer.


Keep in mind that as your dog ages, she can't exercise as she once did. Running and jumping for Frisbees may not be appropriate forms of exercise any more. That doesn't mean your dog can’t exercise. Taking your dog for a short walk or having her chase a ball for a few minutes can be all the exercise she needs.


Another benefit from getting your dog outside is the mental stimulation she will receive. Dogs naturally exist outside. They love to smell the grass and listen to the wind. Dogs look forward to getting outside. If your dog has something to look forward to, like a daily walk, even if that walk is only to the mailbox and back, she will be happier. Happier dogs are healthier dogs, and healthier dogs live longer.



3 Tips On How to Improve the Quality of a Senior Dog's Life

2. Massage Your Dog


Senior dogs often suffer from chronic pain more often than younger dogs. Maybe your dog has arthritis or hip dysplasia. A great way to alleviate this pain is to give your dog a daily massage. Now, you want to be careful. If your dog has a painful elbow, you don't want to jump in and start with a deep tissue massage. You need to work up to that area. You can't communicate with your dog on a level that will allow you to explain what you are doing. If you start to poke and prod her painful areas, she will think you are trying to hurt her. Start by petting her, then work up to petting the painful area. Then begin to massage her, like you are kneading dough, somewhere away from her sore joints. Work your way to the joints. Giving your dog a massage is a great way to bond with her and help reduce her inflammation.


Another great thing about giving your dog regular massages is that you have the opportunity to check for irregularities. What I mean is, if you feel any lumps or bumps while giving your dog a massage, you should note this. Not all lumps are harmful. Many dogs develop lumps of fat which are not threatening to their health. You want to monitor these lumps though. Note their shape, their consistency, their texture, and if possible, their color. Next time your dog goes to the vet you will want to discuss these lumps with your vet. Also, if you notice a lump rapidly changing in any way, you may want to put a call into your vet.



3. Get Your Dog a Memory Foam Dog Bed


As you know, getting older brings on more creaks and cracks in your body. You can't jump back like you could as a kid. Sleeping uncomfortably can disrupt your entire next day. The same is true for your dog. While your dog may have been comfortable sleeping on the floor when she was younger, you can bet that doing that is harder for her now that she is older. A great way to provide a comfortable place for your dog to sleep is to get her a memory foam dog bed.


I say get her a memory foam bed because memory foam dog beds are the best beds on the market for senior dogs. The top vet recommended bed for dogs suffering from chronic pain (or the normal pain related to aging) are memory foam dog beds. Memory foam dog beds are specifically designed to evenly distribute your dog's weight resulting in a bed that prevents your dog from experiencing pressure points while sleeping. Getting your senior dog a memory foam dog bed won't take away her ailments, but it will make them less painful. For more information about memory foam dog beds visit, Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Beds




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