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Buddy Beds® Patented Sleep System

Buddy Beds Patented Sleep System



Buddy Beds exclusive patented sleep system. Named #1" Dog Bed - Buddy Beds are the most comfortable, supportive, and durable dog beds in the world.

Buddy Beds was the first to make a memory foam dog bed -- we are the ORIGINAL memory foam dog bed. Accept no substitute.



Our sleep system has 4 important parts:



1. Quality Memory Foam

Thick cushion of the highest quality orthopedic memory foam provides maximum support with therapeutic benefits. Our memory foam dog beds eliminates all painful pressure points which is especially beneficial for dogs with arthritis, hip, bone or joint problems.


We use only certified non-toxic memory foam free of formaldehyde, phthalates, PVC, and BPA.Our memory foam certified by CertiPur.


Read more about the CertiPur designation: Why Certified Non-Toxic Memory Foam is Important for Your Dog



2. Supporting Foam


Our supporting foam prevents "bottoming- out".
Dog beds made only of memory foam -- the longer the dog sleeps or rests upon the bed, they sink deeper and deeper into the memory foam until they have completely compressed the memory foam to the floor -- creating a painful pressure point.
Preventing "bottoming-out" is especially important for the larger breed dogs.



3. Protective liner


The waterproof liner protects against liquids, stains, and odors.
Protective liner keeps bed: antibacterial, anti-dust mite, anti-static, and hypoallergenic
The reason most dog beds are discarded over time is because they begin to smell.
Our protective liner prevents the porous foam from absorbing odor causing substances.



4. Durable outer cover


Removable washable outer covers are made of the finest durable, comfortable, cozy suede microfiber fabrics.
Extra long zippers makes removing the covers for washing an easy task.