Why Orthopedic Dog Beds Need Supporting Foam

Support foam is an imperative part in a TRULY Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed



You've been researching memory foam dog beds, and you’ve come across something strange – support foam. What is this? Why would you need it? Is it a marketing gimmick? Supportive backing foam is an imperative part in a memory foam dog bed, and here are five reasons as to why.



Buddy Beds Makes a Truly Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Purpose of Memory Foam Dog Beds


Let's start with the basics. What does memory foam dog bed do? Memory foam dog beds does many things, but its most important feat is that it eliminates any and all pressure points your dog may feel while sleeping. How? Well memory foam is a special type of foam that has been engineered to react to body heat and body weight. When memory foam is made, thousands of inert gas bubbles are forced into the foam. These bubbles get trapped in the foam, and they help the memory foam dog bed to shape itself to your dog's body when she lies on it. Because the memory foam is able to shape itself to the exact curves and contours of your dog's body, it evenly distributes your dog's weight across her body. Let's say that your dog was to sleep on the floor. Maybe she often lies on her right shoulder. Her right shoulder therefore bears most of her weight. Well, if she were to lie on her right shoulder on a dog bed of memory foam, that orthopedic memory foam dog bed will evenly distribute her weight across her whole body, as opposed to just her shoulder. This even distribution of weight prevents your dog from developing pressure points.



So Why is Support Foam Important for Orthopedic Dog Beds


So what if your dog feels no pressure points while sleeping? Well, a pressure point is a layman's way of describing a compressed blood vessel. When you sit on your legs for a long time, your legs start to fall asleep, right? They begin to tingle, and they being to feel painful. Well, what is actually going on in your body is that your blood can't reach your legs. Your legs are not getting the oxygen and nutrients they need because your blood vessels are compressed. This same thing happens when your dog sleeps on the floor. Her weight compresses her blood vessels between her and the floor, preventing her blood from fully flowing. Parts of her body are then starved for oxygen and nutrients, something that is not ideal. If your dog has an injured part of her body, or even if she appears healthy, preventing her blood from reaching all parts of her body can ultimately, in the long run, harm her.



Buddy Beds Makes a Truly Orthopedic Dog Bed

Memory Foam Prevents Pressure Point!


So, memory foam prevents these pressure points from forming, and it allows all of your dog's body to get all of the nutrients and oxygen it needs. Great, right? Well memory foam dog beds cannot prevent pressure points from forming on its own. Imagine you were to sleep on a mattress without a box spring. Eventually you would sink so far into the mattress that your body would come into contact with the ground below the mattress, right? Yes. That's the point of a box spring, to prevent you from sinking through the mattress and touching the floor, right? Well, the same thing can be said about support foam. If your dog sleeps in a dog bed of only memory foam, she will eventually sink so far into that dog bed that her body will come into contact with the floor below her. Once this happens, she will start to develop pressure points, and then entire purpose of an orthopedic memory foam dog bed will have been defeated. Supportive backing foam prevents your dog from developing pressure points while in a truly orthopedic memory foam dog bed.



Be Aware- not all memory foam dog beds are othopedic


Be aware though, not all memory foam dog beds are built with supportive backing foam. Ideally, the supportive backing foam will be glued to the memory foam. This supportive backing foam will not be memory foam. It will be three inches of support foam. Most companies skip building their beds with supportive backing foam because the actual manufacturing process of gluing the foam to the memory foam is very expensive. Be aware though, memory foam dog beds without supportive backing foam will not eliminate pressure points.



Dog Bed Protective Waterproof Liners


It is important to consider how the memory foam and supportive backing foam are packaged as well. All memory foam dog beds you consider should be made with not only supportive backing foam, but with a liner as well. This liner is designed to protect the memory foam and supportive backing foam from water, odors, dirt and in some cases bacteria, microbes, and allergens. When considering a bed, make sure the supportive backing foam is built into the liner. This makes the bed less likely to fall apart, and easier to clean. Visit http://www.buddybeds.com/dog-beds/BB_COMPARE.html for a well-made comparison chart of popular memory foam dog beds. This chart shows which beds are made with supportive backing foam and which beds are made with liners.



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