Supporting Foam

Supporting Foam is a Critical Step -- Yet an Expensive Step!!
That Why Most Dog Bed Manufacturers Do Not Offer It

Buddy Beds is the Only Real Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed!

Watch What Happens When We Put a Bowling Ball On. . . .

Dog Bed Made ONLY of Memory Foam
Buddy Bed with Supporting Foam Layer

Why is Supporting Foam Critical in a Memory Foam Dog Bed?

A layer of supporting foam is critical in a memory foam dog bed! If you put a dog on a dog bed made ONLY of memory foam, the longer your dog sleeps or rests on a memory foam only dog bed -- they just keep sinking deeper and deeper into the bed until they finally touch the floor. This is called "bottoming out".

If your dog has sunk through the bed and is now touching the floor - you have just created a painful pressure point! Ouch!

So why buy a memory foam dog bed if it will create pressure points?

Buddy Beds Unique Patented Construction

Buddy Beds gives you more for your money. Buddy Beds patented construction consists of 4 important parts:

  • Quality memory foam (most dog beds use an inferior grade of memory foam)
  • Supporting Foam Layer. Buddy Beds permanently glues the quality memory foam to a 3 inch layer of supporting foam
  • Waterproof, breathable, liner which protects the foam
  • Soft, cuddly, washable outer covers.

Spend your money wisely. .. on a bed that will give the ultimate in comfort every single day. . .and last for years!