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Sustainable Buddy Beds - Memory Foam Dog Beds Built to Last


We live in a time of disposable goods. Everything from iPods to plastic bags are built to only last until the newer model comes out. Cell phones, jackets, microwaves, everything, is built with the idea that it will one day need to be replaced. Companies do this on purpose. Their customers are forced to replace their belongs with newer, faster, better models once their ‘old’ models break or wear out. By creating products with pre-planned obsolescence companies are guarantying that their customers will continue to buy from them.


Sustainable Memory Foam Dog Beds Perhaps saying that everything is built to be replaced is a bit of an overstatement. Not all companies build products with this mindset. Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Beds is one such company that does not believe in pre-planned obsolescence. Buddy Beds memory foam dog beds are built to last. According to the Buddy Beds website for every 10 ordinary dog beds that your dog wears out, she will only wear out one Buddy Bed dog bed. Consider the following points when looking into a sustainable dog bed.



1. High quality memory foam vs. low quality memory foam


Buddy Beds uses high quality memory foam in their dog beds. Buddy Beds uses ONLY quality memory foam. Low quality memory foam tends to lose its ‘memory’ faster than high quality memory foam. What this means is that eventually low quality memory foam dog beds will no longer react to your dog’s body weight or temperature. The low quality memory foam will start to act like regular foam, and regular foam, unlike memory foam, does not react to the curves and bumps of your dog, eliminating pressure points. Essentially low quality memory foam degrades faster than high quality memory foam. Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Beds makes all of their dog beds from 5lbs memory foam. This means that even after repeated use Buddy Beds dog beds will retain their memory and ability to shape itself around all parts of your dog.



2. Buddy Beds memory foam retains it shape


One of the benefits of buying a high quality memory foam dog bed is that the dog bed will retain its shape after heavy use. ‘Ordinary’ or stuffed dog beds tend to change shape as they age. Their stuffing can become flattened, clumped or spread out. What this means is that while originally your dog was sleeping on a soft fluffy pillow, as the dog bed starts to break down, that stuffing stops doing its job. Parts of your dog could be in contact with the hard ground below the bed, lumps of stuffing could be causing discomfort to your dog, and pressure points could start to develop as your dog rests in her dog bed. Buddy Beds memory foam dog beds will not lump, clump, spread apart or flatten as it ages.



Sustainable Memory Foam Dog Beds 3. Buddy Beds Dog Beds come with a unique waterproof and breathable liner


A common reason for dog owners to replace their dog’s bed is odor. Low quality dog beds are built from fabrics and materials that hold onto smell. Buddy Beds memory foam dog beds are built with a waterproof and breathable liner protecting the foam of the bed from your dog. The liner does not allow liquid, bugs, or odors to come into contact with the memory foam. As a result wet dog smell, urine, fleas, none of it, can latch onto the foam. While some ordinary dog beds are designed to be washed, no memory foam cannot be washed. If a memory foam dog bed starts to smell there is no way to cleanse the bed of the odor. The only option is to throw the dog bed away. The Buddy Beds dog bed liner prevents Buddy Beds customers from having to throw the bed away due to odor and then buy a new one.


Buddy Beds dog beds liners are also breathable. Memory foam needs a certain amount of airflow to maintain its ability to react to your dog’s weight and temperature. If the Buddy Bed’s liner was solely waterproof the foam would, over time, degrade due to no airflow. This liner is one very important reason why Buddy Beds dog beds last so long.


The Buddy Beds liner not only protects the dog bed from liquid and stains, but it makes the Buddy Bed dog beds hypoallergenic, anti-static, and anti-dust mite.



4. Buddy Beds Dog Beds have removable, washable cover


Between your dog and the waterproof/breathable liner of a Buddy Bed dog bed is a removable, washable cover. This dog bed cover is designed to be washed over and over again without breaking down.


These four points are important points to remember when looking into a sustainable dog bed. Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Beds does a great job in incorporating technology and high quality materials to create a dog bed that will outlast most products on the market.



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