5 Ways to Take Away Your Dog's Pain

Your senior dog suffers from chronic pain. What can you do to help her?



Actually, there are many things you can do to help your senior dog. The first thing you should do is read this article. Then you should talk to your vet. Your vet is an amazing resource to help you and your dog manage your dog's pain. Read this article then discuss the ideas with your vet and discover the best way to help your dog manage her pain.



Memory Foam Dog Beds Can Take Away Your Dog's Pain
  1. Identify the Pain



    The first step in helping alleviate your dog's pain is to discover what is causing her pain. Does she suffer from arthritis, or perhaps she suffers from cataracts? Whatever your dog's ailment, it is important that you understand what is causing her pain. Talking to your vet is a great way to really understand what is affecting your dog. The more you know about your dog's pain source, the better you can treat it.



  2. Food



    Regardless of your dog's source of pain, her diet is very important. Overweight dogs are more prone to medical issues as compared to dogs at a healthy weight. On top of that, dogs who are at a healthy weight, even if they suffer from arthritis or diabetes, are more likely to be in less pain than dogs who are overweight. For example, let's consider a dog with arthritis.



    A dog who has arthritis has particularly painful joints. Her joints are most likely deformed and are not producing as much lubrication as they once did. As a result, moving can be very painful for her. Now, if your arthritic dog is at a healthy weight, her pain levels are much lower than an overweight arthritic dog. Why? Well the more your dog weighs, the more weight her joints have to bear. It is possible that a dog who has a severe case of arthritis, but is at a healthy weight, may experience less pain than a dog who has a minor case of arthritis, but is overweight.



    Talk to your vet about the best way to get your dog down to a healthy weight. In many cases, putting your dog on diet food is not the best weight to reduce your dog's weight. Diet food often contains empty calories and does not possess the nutrients (which are high in calories) that your dog needs to stay healthy.



  3. Arranging your Home



    Let's say that your dog suffers from cataracts or some other loss of sight. This in itself can be painful, but so can the injuries your dog suffers from not being able to see. Your dog can easily run into things or fall if she can't see where she is going. One way to minimize this from happening is to keep the furniture in your house consistent. Your dog most likely has a mental map of your house. In many cases, dogs who can't see, move by memory. If you rearrange your house after your dog loses her sight, she won't be able to get around without running into things and falling. Often, dogs who suffer from cataracts have other problems, such as arthritis, and a fall or an injury can be debilitating for such a dog.



  4. Give Her a Massage



    Another way to reduce your dog's pain is to give her a massage. Obviously, if your dog has a particularly sore spot you may want to avoid that area, or you could build up to it. Let's say your dog suffers from elbow dysplasia. A great way to lower her pain is to massage the inflamed area. You need to be careful though. Your dog isn't going to understand that you are trying to help her. If you just jump into massaging the hurt area she is going to be upset. Start by petting her, then work up to a massage and then work up to a massage of her injured area. This can help her inflammation go down, improve her mobility, and reduce her pain levels.



  5. Get her a Memory Foam Dog Bed



    Another way to reduce your dog's pain is to get her a memory foam dog bed. Memory foam dog beds are designed to evenly distribute your dog's weight across her entire body. When this happens, your dog cannot develop pressure points. Pressure points form when a part of your dog bears more weight than it should, causing restricted blood flow and pain. A bed that prevents pressure points from forming not only reduces your dog's pain levels, but it also increases blood flow. Good blood flow is very important in your senior dog. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to your dog's body. If part of her body is not getting as much blood as it needs, it is being weakened. For dogs with injuries or age related issues, full blood flow can help the dog stay healthier for longer. For more information on what a memory foam dog bed can do for your senior dog, visit wwww.BuddyBeds.com



Memory Foam Dog Beds Can Take Away Your Dog's Pain