Traveling with Your Dog

Summer Travel Tips for Your Dog

It is More than Just Grabbing the Dog Bed and Taking Off

Planning on taking a road trip with your dog? If you are like a growing number of pet owners, you will be bringing fido along on your summer vacation.

"This year, we're expecting about 15 million people will take their pet with them on a trip," said Bob Vetere from the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. That is a 20% increase from last year!

So throw the dog bed into the car and turn up the music. . .

Remember to pack these important items as well:

  • Bring lots of water for hydration.

  • Stop every hour or so to let your dog stretch their legs -- and take a bathroom break. Don't forget the poop bags for pickup.

  • Provide your dog with a seat belt or a well-ventilated crate or carrier.

  • Make sure your dog has ID

  • Never, ever leave your animal alone in a parked car -- even for a few minutes. Within moments a parked car can become stiffling hot -- dangerously hot!

  • If you are traveling between states or provinces, you may need to show proof of rabies vaccinations, so bring along their records.

  • Pet experts say, if you are taking your pet to a hotel, it is best not to rely on web sites or travel guides. Always call the hotel ahead and make sure they will accommodate you and your pet.

'It's just a natural thing now to take your pet along" Vetere said.

Bon Voyage!