Should You Take Your Pet on Vacation?

Is Your Dog Better Off At Home While You Are On Vacation?



With Summer Vacations Upon Us - How To Decide



With summer vacations being planned - it is always difficult to know if your dog is better off at home?


Should you bring your dog on vacation with you? If your dog is older or suffering from health problems - your enjoyable vacation may not be an enjoyable experience for them. It may be wise not to subject your dog to the vacation.


Long car rides can be stressful for dogs. Traffic jams, hot weather, long periods in the cars, all can stress an older dog. Not to mention the change of routine and new surroundings.


Stress can lead to anxiety, dirreaha, and restlessness at night. Bringing them to a new veterinarian only increases the stress.


Should you bring your dog on vacation with you? No one know your dog better than you. You know if your dog is in the condition to travel -- or better off staying in the familiar environment of home. That is where an excellent dog sitter is critical.


Our next article will be on how to choose a dog sitter.


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Should you bring your dog on vacation with you?