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Buddy Beds Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Beds

These Premier Veterinary Clinics Use Our Memory Foam Dog Beds
In Their Surgical Recovery Rooms

Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital (VRCC) - Denver, Colorado

Deer Creek Animal Hospital - Denver, Colorado

Salazar Road Veterinary Clinic - Taos, New Mexico

Alameda East Specialty and Emergency Hospital - Denver, Colorado

Trive Veterinary Care, Veterinary Hospital - Denver, Colorado

Evans East Animal Hospital - Denver, Colorado

Top Veterinarians Recommend Buddy Beds!

Ray Cox, DVM
Deer Creek Animal Hospital

In the last 30 years since I graduated from vet school, I have seen many changes in the profession and one primary change has been in the area of pain management.

We strive to perform less painful procedures such as laparopscopic OHE's vs. traditional. We give injectable and oral pain medication during and after surgery. We local incisions after surgery to help with pain.

Recently we have discovered Buddy Beds. This is a bed that distributes the patient's weight across the bed in such a way that there is less chance for pressure sores.

This bed has been a wonderful addition to our pain management approach through better comfort level post-operatively.

Carroll Loyer, DVM, DACVIM, Board Certified Cardiology
Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital (VRCC) - Denver, Colorado

My name is Carroll Loyer, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology), and I am a board certified cardiologist with 20 years of experience in cardiology and having seen over 18,000 patients. More importantly, I have my own dogs and cats whom I adore.

My German Shepard, Inca, has had two hip replacements, and was very sore in her hips and having great difficulty in moving around. She certainly has done very well with her hip replacements, and has a great surgeon, Dr. Chad Devitt.

I met Debra Holte through her dog, Webster. Webster came in with a tumor in the heart that was not responding to any type of therapy. After much discussion, we came upon the idea of removing the tumor using a thorascope and a special instrument to staple the heart closed after we removed the tumor. Again, Dr. Devitt was our man, and the surgery went very well, and Webster has done really well for the last six months.

Ms. Holte, upon hearing of my dog, Inca, very kindly gave me a couple of her amazing beds, which are made of the same type of material I sleep on. I brought the Buddy Beds home, laid them out while keeping her original beds nearby. Inca immediately took to her new Buddy Beds, preferring them to her old beds, and to this day uses her Buddy Beds exclusively, even though her old beds are available for her to use.

With the combination of the hip replacements and the Buddy Beds, my 10 year old German Shepard gets around famously, is very active and comfortable, and a happy dog.

We love the Buddy Beds, and you will too. I am confident enough of that to happily write this letter.

Caroll Loyer, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)

Dr. Robyn Elmslie, DVM, DACVIM, Board Certified Oncology
Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital (VRCC) - Denver, Colorado

The Buddybed has been wonderful for our 14 year old Lab, Rita. She is not nearly as stiff in the mornings as she was when sleeping on a regular foam dog bed. The Buddy Bed is also very durable so our mischievious puppy has not been able to destroy it as she has with Rita's other beds. The Buddy Bed is a great find!! -

Dr. Robyn Elmslie, DVM DACVIM (Oncology)

Rita On Her Buddy Bed

Note from Buddy Beds Owner: VRCC is an amazing veterinary practice! This 24-Hour Critical Care Clinic has Board Certified Veterinary Specialists in the areas of Cardiology, Surgery, Neurology, Oncology/Radiation Therapy, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Dermatology/Allergies,and Dentistry. You can read more about VRCC at:

Patricia Albin, DVM
Salazar Road Veterinary Clinic
Taos, New Mexico

I am writing today in regards to Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Beds that I have been using personally.

I have 2 large Rottweilers. They do not car to lay on any hard surface, if at all possible. I started using the Buddy Beds Travel Bed. It fits my small SUV perfectly. They love it!

I like the fact that I can put in the back of the Highlander than pick up by the handles and take it easily anywhere my dogs are going. We go to the Clinic, my mother-in-law's, and camping.

I love the way it is built with the firm memory foam. With other memory foam beds, I have seen them cave under pressure and not keep their shape. Buddy Beds has held up very well.

Also, the cover with the liner keeps the foam clean and dry. Inevitably one the dogs dumps over the water dish, the bed has recovered really well. I have washed the cover and has not fallen apart after machine washing.

This bed is so versatile that I am going to order another for my pick-up back seat and my acupuncture/laser treatment room. My arthritic dogs will love it!

Great investment!

Nancy Willerton, DVM
Thrive Veterinary Care, Veterinary Hospital
Denver, CO

Buddy Beds are an integral part of the surgery department at our hospital. Every dog undergoing an anesthetic procedure is recovered on a Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Bed. As you can imagine, our Buddy Beds get a lot of use. The memory foam provides support for the comfortable, safe recovery we need and the products hold up wonderfully. The washable covers are a great feature.

Think how great a Buddy Bed would be at your home?

Dean Vicksman, DVM
Evans East Animal Hospital
Board Chair of the Denver Humane Society

I have used Buddy Beds both personally for my own pets and at Evans East Animal Hospital.

We have found that our surgical patients recover more comfortably when on a Buddy Bed. These beds are made from the highest quality memory foam.

We have used ours extensively for over a year now and they look brand new. No odors or stains and the mattresses retain their perfect shape.

We truly believe our patients benefit from the increased comfort of these beds.

Well worth the extra expense. We expect they will last for many years to come.