Why Buy a Dog Bed?

What is the point of a dog bed? Dogs don’t have beds in the wild


What is the point of a dog bed? Dogs don’t have beds in the wild, why do they need a bed in the comfort of your home? After all, your home is heated, it has carpet, your dog gets regular meals – she lives a pretty posh life. She doesn’t really need a bed, right? Consider the following five reasons as to why dog beds aren’t as superfluous as you may think.



Why all dogs need a dog bed

1. Wild dogs vs. ancient humans


Let’s discuss the first argument as to why dogs shouldn’t have dog beds. Wolves, hyenas, coyotes and the like don’t have dog beds, why should your dog? Let’s flip that argument on its head. Our ancestors didn’t have beds, but we do now, should we not have beds? Just because we can sleep without a bed doesn’t mean we should, or that we want to. The same can be said about you dog. Just because your dog doesn’t technically need a dog bed doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have one. Such an argument can be used against every invention that humans have ever come up with. Technically we don’t need houses, or desserts, or books, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have them. Your dog can feel. She can feel the difference between a dog bed and the floor, just as you can. Between the floor and my bed I know which I would choose, and I know which my dog would choose as well.



2. Dog Beds help centralize where your dog sleeps


Maybe your dog has already demonstrated her like to sleep places other than the floor. Perhaps she sleeps on the couch, or on your bed. Most likely you don’t want her sleeping in these places. Dogs get dirty. They play outside in the rain, in the mud, in the snow. They like to roll in smelly things and sometimes they get fleas. I know I don’t want a smelly, wet, flea ridden dog sleeping in my bed. She should sleep in her own dog bed. Although that means that she would need her own dog bed…


Getting your dog a bed not only keeps her off of your own, but it also makes it easier to clean up after your dog. If you centralize where your dog sleeps you centralize where she sheds, drools, has ‘accidents’, and dirties. The trick then is to get a bed that is easy to clean.



Why all dogs need a dog bed

3. Not all dog beds are easily cleaned


Most dog bed owners report that they have to throw out their dog’s bed not because the dog bed was no longer functional, but rather because the dog bed smelled so bad that the owner could not stand to have it in the house any longer. This is a problem. After all, no one wants to buy his or her dog a new dog bed every time the dog bed gets dirty, but then again, throwing out a dog bed is better than throwing out the couch. Still, there has to be a better option.


And there is. Many high quality dog bed manufactures design their beds to withstand the daily wear and tear that a dog throws at it. Buddy Beds, a high quality memory foam dog bed manufacturer, actually encases the memory foam of their beds in a protective liner. These liners protect the memory foam of their dog beds (memory foam cannot be washed) from liquids, dirt, fleas, and smells. The breathable nature of the liner allows airflow to reach the memory foam which helps the memory foam last longer. Covering the liners of the dog beds are removable, washable covers. Companies like Buddy Beds know that dogs are not the cleanest of animals. They get dirty, and that’s okay, especially when you can clean their memory foam dog beds.





4. Dog Beds give your dog a ‘room’


Your dog’s bed is her space. Maybe her dog bed is in her crate, or maybe her dog bed is in the corner of your bedroom. Whatever the case her bed is her space. Your dog knows that she can go there when she is stressed, or scared, or tired. Getting your dog a dog bed helps her know that she has a safe spot to sleep. This is particularly important with newly adopted dogs, and dogs that came from an abusive situation. Getting your dog a bed can help her calm down and accept you and your house as her family and her home.



5. Beds help your dog wake up feeling refreshed


Perhaps the most obvious reason for getting your dog a bed is so that she sleeps well. You feel much better after sleeping on your bed than you do after camping. After sleeping in your bed you wake up feeling good. When you sleep on the ground you wake up with an aching body. The same can be said about your dog. If you want her to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to play, get her a dog bed, a high quality dog bed.



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