Why Buy a Memory Foam Dog Bed

A Memory Foam Dog Bed might be the best option for your dog's immediate and long-term health needs.



Every Dog Needs a Memory Foam Dog Bed If you are considering purchasing a bed for your dog and are not sure what type of bed would best fit your dog's needs, a memory foam bed might be the best option for your dog's immediate and long-term health needs. Memory foam beds provide many unique benefits for your dog that other types of dog beds simply do not provide.



Maybe you've never heard of memory foam before, or if you have, you might not know much about it. You might be thinking, "I haven't even considered buying a memory foam bed for myself or my kids. Why should I consider getting one for my dog?"



First, memory foam dog beds provide a unique type of comfort for your dog each and every night. Memory foam is unique in that, regardless of your dog's shape or size, the memory foam will conform to your dog's body. This is important, because as the memory foam conforms to your dog's body, it spreads out the downward pressure that your dog exerts on the dog bed and reduces (and in many cases, eliminates) pressure points. Basically, what this means for your dog is that he or she will experience a new level of comfort while sleeping. No pressure points means that the downward pressure your dog exerts when lying down is evenly distributed among all parts of the dog's body, eliminating potentially harmful pressure on your dog's joints that might otherwise be taking place while your dog is sleeping.



Every Dog Needs a Memory Foam Dog Bed Another unique benefit of memory foam beds is the way that they help to regulate your dog's temperature while he or she is sleeping. Memory foam employs a unique form of open cell technology, which means that each individual cell in the memory foam mattress contain holes that allows air to move through each cell of the memory foam material.



This unique technology allows the mattress to adapt to changing external temperatures to maximize your dog's comfort in changing temperature conditions. For instance, if the air in the room where you dog is sleeping is warmer than usual, the open cell technology allows the memory foam mattress to adapt to the warmer climate by becoming softer and therefore easier to match to your dog's specific shape and size. Conversely, if the temperature in the same room becomes colder, the open cell technology allows the mattress to become firmer. In each case, the temperature regulation of the memory foam dog bed maximizes the comfort that your dog will enjoy during the night, keeping him or her from becoming too hot or too cold.



If your dog has any orthopedic problems or has the potential to develop orthopedic problems in the future, a memory foam dog bed is uniquely qualified to help ease your dog's pain or prevent him or her from experiencing this type of pain in the future. For example, if your dog has spinal problems, and he or she simply sleeps on the floor at the foot of your bed at night, your dog is creating pressure points against its spine when he or she lies down, which only serve to aggravate the pain your dog is experiencing. A memory foam dog bed, with its ability to eliminate those pressure points, will help to give your dog a level of comfort that he or she might not have enjoyed for a long time.



If you're thinking of purchasing a memory foam dog bed for your dog, there is another important benefit that might not be immediately apparent. Because a memory foam dog bed has the ability to help both ease your dog's pain or help prevent orthopedic problems in the future, purchasing a memory foam dog bed can make a lot of fiscal sense. Think of it as an investment. If your dog does not yet have back or joint problems but might be at risk for them in the future, and you invest in a memory foam dog bed now before the problems begin, you can actually save yourself a good deal of money by avoiding expensive future veterinary visits for your dog. Just like you should practice preventative maintenance with your car, you should consider practicing the same behavior with your dog. By allowing him or her to enjoy the comfort and benefits of a memory foam dog bed, you can avoid future problems that can hurt both your dog and your wallet.



Buddy Beds is uniquely qualified to meet your memory foam dog bed needs. Their dog beds have received the Animal Wellness Seal of Approval, and you can customize a memory foam bed from them to fit your dog's own unique needs. You can customize the bed itself, the bed cover, and now, you can even add an optional bed warmer. Check out Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Bedsand see how they can help your dog maximize his or her comfort and health when sleeping.



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Every Dog Needs A Memory Foam Dog Bed