Why Your Dog Needs A Good Orthopedic Dog Bed

There is nothing much better than waking up after a good nights sleep!



In fact, it's so important, that we spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars searching for just the right mattress and box springs. We buy foam toppers, mattress pads, comforters, sheets and all the rest, looking for the "ah" factor. As we grow older, without a good mattress, sleep becomes more difficult as we are putting pressure on those stiff and achy joints. Quite frankly, the same is true for your dog. Many people have turned to memory foam mattresses, the ultimate in sleep comfort. That is exactly what Buddy Beds has to offer, the ultimate sleep comfort for your pet - memory foam dog beds.



Every Dog Needs a Good Dog Bed Dogs and cats, which are, or should be considered part of your family, deserve a wonderful place to sleep. They need to feel rested and ready to take on the world. I mean, do you think it's easy for them to chase that squirrel or run after that ball with stiff joints from a rough nights sleep. I don't think so!



There are a number of reasons why your pet deserves a good orthopedic dog bed to sleep on:



  1. A Place To Call Their Own



    Your dog without a doubt deserves the best. Animals much like their humans, love a place to call their own. A place that they know they can lie down and be comfortable that is theirs and theirs alone. For us it's the bedroom. For our four-legged children it's their dog bed.



  2. Comfort:



    Your pet deserves to be as comfortable in bed as you are. I feel that your pet will enjoy a better night's sleep in their own dog bed, away from your tossing and turning. A wonderfully comfortable pet bed is the best thing you can give your pet. Let's face it, how would you like sleeping on hardwood floors?


  4. Health



    A high quality dog bed, such as a Buddy Bed, will improve the health of your dog in several ways. As a dog ages, and health problems such as hip dysplasia, arthritis and other joint issues occur, sleep becomes more difficult as the hard surfaces press against the joints. A dog bed with true memory foam will alleviate those pressure points, allowing the dog or cat to rest and sleep more easily. Start them off with a high quality comfortable dog bed. By getting the dog bed when they are young, you can help alleviate some of those joint related problems. Imagine yourself, sleeping on a hard floor surface for years. That would certainly cause some serious joint issues. Why not help your pet skip or at least delay the severity of some of those issues by getting a dog bed when they are young?


    We have talked about the importance of giving your dog a good quality dog bed, and mentioned several reasons why it's important. Remember, what your dog needs is "quality" dog bed. There are tons of dog beds in the market, and most include some type of foam. They use shredded foam, egg crate foam and many other types. A good quality dog bed uses memory foam, and not just any memory foam, but the highest quality available on the market today. Buddy Beds uses the best memory foam in their dog beds. There are lesser quality memory foams on the market, used in inferior dog beds and human beds, but they don't offer the support that a quality memory foam does. Another very important factor when deciding on a dog bed is the material it's made of. Obviously you would not want to put anything near your dog that would be toxic to your dog. The memory foam that Buddy Beds uses in their memory foam dog beds is certified non-toxic. What that means it will not emit any toxic gases that would harm your best friend who will sleep on the dog bed regularly.



    A high quality dog bed is one of the most important investments you can make for your dog. It's a wonderful place for them to rest and recharge as they wait anxiously for you to come home. They are truly devoted to you, trust you for everything they need and are completely forgiving. It not a coincidence that dogs are considered man's best friend. They give you so much; why not give them the best you can, starting with a great place to sleep.



    Every Dog Needs a Good Dog Bed