Why Memory Foam for Dog Beds? 4 Reasons

What's the big deal about memory foam dog beds?



Orthopedic memory foam dog beds - how are they any better than any other type of dog bed? Are they worth the price, or are they just a gimmick? Consider the following four reasons as to why memory dog beds are not only worth the price, but good for your dog.



Why Dogs Need a Memory Foam Dog Bed
  1. What is Memory Foam?


    Let's start at the beginning. What exactly is memory foam? Created in the 1960's by NASA scientists, memory foam is a special type of foam that reacts to body heat and body weight. When a being, your dog for instance, lies in a dog bed of memory foam, your dog's body weight and heat cause the foam to change. The memory foam will actually shape itself to the exact curves of your dog's body. When this happens, all of your dog's weight is evenly distributed across the memory foam dog bed. What this means is that no part of your dog's body will bear any more weight than any other part. So, let's pretend you were to sleep on the floor on your right side. Most likely your right shoulder or hip would become sore, right? Well this is because your shoulder, or hip, is bearing most of your weight. If you were to sleep in the same position on a memory foam bed, neither your shoulder nor hip would be sore because the memory foam would evenly spread your weight across your entire body. Because of memory foam's ability to redistribute weight, memory foam dog beds are the number one vet recommended dog bed.



  3. Memory Foam is Orthopedic, but so are All Dog Beds


    Memory foam is considered orthopedic, but don't get too hung up on the word orthopedic. Literally, orthopedic pertains to anything that helps alleviate pain in the muscular, skeletal, or ligament systems. By this definition, every dog bed in the world, including mats of straw, are orthopedic. After all, anything is orthopedic compared to sleeping directly on the ground.



    What I want you to do is recalibrate your definition of orthopedic. Instead of thinking of orthopedic in black in white terms, such as, a bed is or isn't orthopedic, think of orthopedic in terms of a scale. Some things are more orthopedic than others. In the case of memory foam, memory foam dog beds are more orthopedic than all other dog bed substances.



    Why are memory foam dog beds the most orthopedic on the market? Well, memory foam dog beds are the only dog beds that can prevent pressure points (those sore weight bearing spots) from forming 100% of the time. Other dog beds may often or usually, or sometimes prevent pressure points from forming, but memory foam is the only substance that can do it 100% of the time. As a result, memory foam dog beds are the most orthopedic substance on the market.



  5. Memory Foam dog Beds are Built to Last


    You've learned is that memory foam dog beds will help manage our dog's pain better than any other dog bed. Another thing memory foam dog beds will do is last. A well-made memory foam dog bed can last upwards of a decade. The trick is, you have to know what constitutes a well-made memory foam dog bed, and what doesn't.



  7. What to Look for in a High Quality Memory Foam Dog Bed.


    The first thing to look for in a high quality memory foam dog bed is high quality memory foam. Memory foam is rated by pounds. Any memory foam that is rated at 3 pounds or higher is considered high quality memory foam whereas any memory foam rated at less than 3 pounds or lower is considered low quality. Low memory foam will lose its 'memory' faster. This means that after repeated use, a low quality memory foam dog bed will stop reacting to your dog's body, hence becoming less and less orthopedic.



    Another thing to look for in a well-made memory foam dog bed is supportive backing foam. Supportive backing foam is the box spring to your dog's dog bed. Imagine if you were to put your mattress directly on the floor. What would happen is that after a while, you would sink far enough into the bed that you would compress the memory foam to the floor below. Once this happens, you start to develop pressure points. The same can be said about your dog in their dog bed. Without supportive backing foam, your dog will sink so far into the foam that she will compress the memory foam to the floor below. This will once again degrade the orthopedic quality of her memory foam dog bed.



    Internal liners are also imperative to a well-made memory foam dog bed. Memory foam cannot be washed. As a result of this, well-made memory foam dog beds are made with a liner that encompasses not only the memory foam, but the supportive backing foam as well. This liner prevents the memory foam from soaking up everything from odors to liquids. This liner also makes cleaning your dog's bed a breeze, because you don't have to wash the entire bed. For examples of memory foam dog beds made with all three of these features, visit BuddyBeds.com



Why Dogs Need a Memory Foam Dog Bed