Why Your Dog Needs a Good Dog Bed

When we think about our dogs, we like to think that we put the health of our dog(s) at the top of the priority list.



We take him or her to the vet and get our dog all of the necessary vaccinations. We try to make sure that our dog eats the right kind of food for his/her dietary needs. We try to socialize them, and we try to make sure that they get the right amount of exercise. And of course, in we care about our dogs, we make sure that their emotional health is well taken care of as well by showering them with lots of love and affection. But one area that is easily overlooked is an area that takes up a significant portion of each dog's day - the time of the day when they are sleeping.



Your Dog Needs a Memory Foam Dog Bed Many dog owners do not think much, if at all, about whether or not to buy their dog a memory foam dog bed. After all, their dog (or dogs) might sleep in the bed with them, or at the foot of the bed. Maybe they just allow their dogs to sleep on a nearby couch, or on the floor. Most of us just simply do not give it much thought. However, this is a mistake, and one that can have potentially harmful consequences. Whether your dog is big or small, young or old, healthy or struggling, your dog can benefit from the comfort that a good dog bed can provide.



A good memory foam dog bed can provide multiple benefits for your dog. A good memory foam dog bed gives them a level of comfort that they often do not get when the sleep in the bed with you, or on the floor, or on some other piece of furniture like a couch or a chair. In particular, memory foam dog beds give extra benefits that put them well ahead of the rest of the pack of memory foam dog beds available for your dog. Memory foam is a unique material that was originally developed by NASA to aid the comfort of astronauts while they sitting during the takeoffs and landings of their space missions. However, since it was originally designed, various companies have adapted memory foam for many other uses, such as for beds and mattress toppers for humans. In more recent years, high-end dog bed companies have started to use memory foam for memory foam dog beds.



Memory foam dog beds for dogs are unique for a couple of different reasons. First, when a dog lies down at night to go to sleep on a memory foam bed, he or she gets an extra level of comfort, because memory foam is the only bedding material available in the current market that completely eliminates pressure points on a dog's bones and joints. This is especially helpful for older dogs that have joint or bone pain, because, since the downward pressure that their body exerts on the bed is evenly distributed, it greatly reduces the amount of pain they feel at night while they sleep. In addition, memory foam also employs what is known as open-cell technology.



This technology helps to regulate the temperature of both the bed itself and the dog that is sleeping on it. It does this by allowing air to flow between each cell of the memory foam material. What this means in practice is that when a dog lies down to sleep, if the room is too cold for the dog, the memory foam will circulate the warmer air that the dog's body generates between the cells of the memory foam, keeping the dog warmer. If the room in which the dog is sleeping is too warm, the memory foam allows cooler air to circulate through its cells, keeping your dog cooler and more comfortable at night.



A good memory foam dog bed is not just for older dogs; a memory foam dog bed is just as beneficial for a younger, perfectly healthy dog as well. A younger dog can benefit from a well-make memory foam dog bed, because the elimination of pressure points on a younger dog's body while it sleeps will help to keep that dog's bones and joints healthier longer than if that same dog was just sleeping on the floor or in its master's bed. And not only will this help your dog, but it will also help you - you will get to enjoy a relationship with a healthier, more active dog for a longer period of time, and you will save on costly veterinary bills that you might otherwise have to pay for your dog's health ailments.



Think of a good dog bed, particularly a good memory foam dog bed, as an investment. Just like the person who invests their money wisely and reaps the benefits later in life, both you and your dog will reap the benefits of a good memory foam dog bed for years to come.



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