How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Orthopedic Dog Bed-3 Key Things to Look For

We all love our pets and want to do the best we can for them



How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Orthopedic Dog Bed We get the best food, wonderful play toys and take them to the vet when necessary. We also want to give them a place to sleep. It's important that you choose the proper dog bed which allows them to get the get the best nights sleep possible. You have begun your search for the perfect dog bed and are overwhelmed by the number of dog beds available. There are several key things you should look for in a dog bed.



  1. The Dog Bed Mattress


    The mattress of course is the most important part of any bed, whether for your dog or yourself. The dog bed mattress can be made of many different types of materials, from cheap shredded foam to very high quality memory foam. The whole reason behind buying the dog bed is to give your pet a great place to sleep. Unless you are buying the dog bed when your companion is a puppy, chances are they have been sleeping on the floor. The floor is a very uncomfortable place to sleep because it puts pressure on all the pet' joints. Even carpeted floors don't offer much padding. A dog bed mattress of shredded foam is not much better than the carpet. If the animal is medium to large in size, they will sink to the bottom of the dog bed, again putting pressure on their hips and joints. The absolute best mattress for a dog bed is constructed of high quality memory foam. It will allow the greatest support for any size animal and is especially beneficial for large or aging pets. By its design, memory foam dog beds are orthopedic, offering wonderful support for arthritic joints or bad hips.


  3. The Cover


    One of the benefits of a dog bed is the ability to remove the cover and wash it. Let's face it, dogs like to roll in the dirt and play hard. Unless you bathe them every day, they will be sleeping on their dog bed when they are slightly less than clean. Additionally, assuming they shed which most do, the dog hair will be confined to their dog bed as much as possible. If the cover is hard to remove it will be a frustrating experience to clean the cover. Its important to make sure the dog bed has an extra long zipper which makes cover removal easy. There is a company, Buddy Beds which offers an extra long zipper in their dog bed cover.


  5. The Liner


    Another very important feature of any dog bed is the liner. It must be waterproof. If your dog lies on the dog bed when he is very wet, or if he has an accident, you would not want that moisture seeping down into the mattress. As dogs age, they sometimes have a problem with incontinence and you would not want your be ruined by urine. The dog bed mattress is like a giant sponge and will absorb anything it comes in contact with.



Choosing a dog bed for your dog is almost as important as choosing one for yourself. It must offer the best support for your dog, have a cover that can easily be removed for cleaning and have a waterproof liner to protect it. You should also choose a company that offers superior customer service. There are a number of companies out there that offer all of this, but at the top of the heap is Buddy Beds. Their beds rock!



How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Dog Bed