Buddy Beds® Memory Foam Bolster Bed - Large 91086BOB

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Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed-Large
Buddy Bed layers
Dimensions: LARGE Bolster Buddy Bed -
40" X 33"
Cover: Taupe Suede Microfiber


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Pets love to snuggle! Buddy Beds™ Memory Foam Bolster Bed with the surrounding bolster promotes a feeling of security for your dog.

Comfortable, expertly constructed, and ruggedly stylish, these Memory Foam Bolster Beds give your dog the ultimate in comfort and orthopedic support. Unlike other bolsters, our dog bed bolster will not lump or flatten. . .and they are easy to wash. Our overstuffed bolsters will not lump or flatten due to a higher quality fiberfill than other dog beds.

We have created this bolster bed for dog lovers and it is the top of the line in every way. This ultra-plush bed is not only good looking but remarkably rugged. "Voted Best Pet Bed" Buddy Beds provides the ultimate in comfort and support. We take away your dog's pain.

Patented Sleep System combines a layer of quality gel-infused memory foam, with a layer of supporting foam, a protective waterproof/breathable liner, and a durable, washable, outer cover. Durable, washable quilted covers made of a furniture quality cozy, comfortable suede microfiber.

Quality gel-infused memory foam gives the ultimate in comfort and superior support -- while lasting longer than other beds.

CertiPUR-US certified memory foam free of formaldehyde, phthalates, PVC, and BPA.

Supporting foam prevents "bottoming out" which creates painful pressure points.

Protective liner prevents liquids, stains and odors -the reasons most dog beds are discarded. Protective liner keeps bed: anti-dust mite, anti-static, and hypoallergenic. Memory foam conforms exactly to every curve and angle of your dog -- becoming soft where you want it, and firm where you need it supporting your dog's body in perfect alignment!

Memory Foam eliminates all painful pressure points - perfect for senior dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint issues.

Made in the USA
Buddy Bed layers

The Unique Features of Our Dog Bed Bolsters

  • Give your dog the ultimate in comfort

  • A snuggly soft quilted suede microfiber

  • Functional, comfortable, and washable

  • Overstuffed with a luxurious quality fiber-fill

  • Will NOT lump or flatten - like most other bolsters

  • Superior design gives the stability essential in maintaining the bolster's shape

  • Neutral taupe color - goes with any decor

  • Cover zips off for easy machine washing

  • Washable - gentle cycle

  • Will last for years - like everything we make at Buddy Beds

We wanted to bring you the best dog bed bolster possible. Not as easy as it sounds. Our Design Team rejected over 16 prototypes before developing the perfect bolster.

Why? Because most dog bed bolsters tend to flop down to the floor over time and use. Plus, filled with only a minimum amount of fiberfill, bolsters tend to get limp and lumpy.

Did You Know There are Different Qualities of Fiberfill?

Fiberfill is graded by the diameter and length of the individual fiberfill strand. Most bolsters use an inexpensive fiberfill made of a thin, short strand -- which tends to mat and flatten over time. Buddy Beds uses a LONG, THICK, luxurious stranded fiberfill - which although much more expensive, will last for years. Sadly, most bolsters made by "Others" use the inexpensive type of fiberfill.

Buddy Bed Bolster -- Cover zips off for easy washing. (One zipper to remove fiberfill, another zipper for memory foam)

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Buddy Beds&reg; Memory Foam Bolster Bed - Large 91086BOB
Taupe Suede Microfiber
Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed-Large
LARGE Bolster Buddy Bed -
40" X 33"

Will NOT lump or flatten - like most other bolsters

Superior design gives the stability essential in maintaining the bolster's shape

Memory Foam eliminates all painful pressure points, perfect for senior dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint issues.

Neutral taupe color - goes with any decor


MEMORY FOAM DEPTH: Gel Infused Memory Foam (2 inches)

NON-TOXIC MEMORY FOAM - Certified Non-toxic by CertiPur


WATER RESISTANT: Yes, waterproof, breathable liner

SHAPE: Rectangle



OUTER FABRIC: Suede Microfiber & Fleece


REMOVEABLE COVER: Yes (cover imported)


WARRANTY: Limited 90 day warranty for manufacturing defects
Customer Reviews
Only the Best for my Dogs!
Verified Buyer
I purchased the Memory Foam Bolster bed for my 13 year old pit mix, Opie, after he became paralyzed in his hind legs from a disc compressing on his spinal cord. Since he loved to lay on the couch and rest his head on the armrest, I searched for a bolster bed that would give him the best support for his body and with the comfort of the bolster. I searched for such beds and found Buddy Beds and I just kept going back to this bed! Although I thought it was expensive, I decided to purchase it after reading the rave reviews and I had to have THE BEST for Opie. I received the bed in a couple of days and I must say I was very impressed with the quality of this bed and bolster. I was concerned that the bolster would get floppy but this bolster is so tight and firm that I sometimes struggle to zip it back in after washing the cover!!!! I am so happy with this bed as is Opie! He LOVES it! Sometimes he even lays over the bolster and it is still firm! A few weeks later I ordered a second bed for my 12 year old german shepherd Cuda and she loves hers as well! Do not be afraid to invest in your pets well being. This will be the only bed you'll need!!!!!!!!!
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Best Bed On the Market
Verified Buyer
I have three labs, one with hip issues. I originally bought a buddy bed for him to sleep on to help with his stiffness in the morning. The only issue was, the other two dogs took over the bed! So I now own three large buddy beds, one for each. They absolutely love them!! The favorite is the bolster bed by far! The large sized bed is big enough for my 95 pound lab to stretch out or even share it with one of the smaller girls. I will admit that I was hesitant to purchase them at first due to the price, but they are so worth the money. I've now had two of the beds for 5+ years, and the last for 3+. All look and feel brand new and its so easy to take the cover off to the beds looking clean. GREAT PRODUCT, CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH!
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Verified Buyer
New York
I bought a buddy bed about six years ago and I am now buying another - just because thought my dog would like a bolster bed as well. These beds are incredible!! I can't imagine having my dog (an 88lb golden retriever) sleep or lounge or anything else and neither could he. Good for his joints, super comfortable, super well-made, super perfect. So perfect in fact that I sometimes sit on it instead of the couch. It is that amazing. I tell everyone I know about these beds because there is no gimmick and honestly no room for a subjective opinion. If you want your dog to have the best, most comfortable, most healthful place for him or her to relax, then you would be foolish to get another bed. Thank you Buddy Beds from me and Diego the Golden!

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No more groaning during the night!
Verified Buyer
Miller Place
My precious 11-year old Golden has spinal arthritis. She takes the max amount of and two Chinese herbs to promote comfort and function (both vet prescribed). Even with those Meds, she still groans a fair amount when she lies down. Three nights on her new Buddy Bed has changed that. The bed arrived six days ago. I haven't heard a groan in three days. She's also more playful and energetic. So glad I found your website. We have a small issue with the height of the bolsters. Theyre double what her last bed was and she's stopped trying to use them to support her head. Too high, I guess. Perhaps there's something I can do to make them lower?
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Superior product
Verified Buyer
My dog, Rodney, ruptured his Achilles and has bad hips already. I got him a bolstered buddy bed and he won't even come in our room to sleep at night if we don't drag his bed in! He sleeps where that bed is. I'm so glad I splurged for this bed. He is so relaxed there--even when wearing his lampshade. It appears to be very well made, too. No complaints--from Rodney or me.
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Doris IMMEDIATELY loved her Bolster Bed
Verified Buyer
Our 7 year old Leo mix Doris watched me as I unpacked her new Bolster Bed with 5 lb. memory foam. She has had many nice beds over the years, including a custom made bed that is very nice. I had to laugh when I read in the package instructions to put some familiar piece of fabric or something in the bed so the dog will feel safe enough to use it because Doris pushed by me as soon as I zipped up the bolster cover part after putting the memory foam inside. She immediately turned in a circle, laid comfortably down with her head on the bolster, and did not want to move so I could carry the bed to where it was to go! In addition to the Bolster Bed, we bought a flat memory foam dog bed that I use in her crate and that seems extremely comfortable to Doris also. I'm sure she'll have many cozy, happy hours on these beds because they are extremely well made and seem very plush and rugged. These beds are not too expensive for your beloved dog because you get outstanding value for the money!
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If you want the best bed for your
Verified Buyer
IWe have 3 rescue dogs, ranging from 11 yrs. old to a new lab mix that is about 2 yrs. old. One of the 11 yr. olds. has had 2 knee operations and has heart disease. We wanted him to be as comfortable before and after his surgeries. His large memory foam dog bed has been the best bed we have ever bought...and we have had dogs for over 45 years. I just received a medium bed for my terrier-mix rescue, who already has a WestPaw(and I do like the company>>USA made), but when she received her own Buddy Bed last week we have noticed that she spends a LOT of time sleeping on this bed . She is so happy with it. I now am waiting on a bolster Buddy Bed to arrive. The quality and workmanship is superior and the company customer service is awesome also. Sure you can buy cheaper beds, but would you like to sleep on a soft, luppy fiber filled bed, or a memory foram mattress? I know my dogs are comfortable and have the support their bodies need.
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He loves it!
Verified Buyer
I just put the new bolstered buddy bed on the floor and he loves it! My 11 yr. old beagle mix recently had ACL surgery and has mild arthritis. His other beds go flat very quickly therefore he wants in our bed which is off limits because of no jumping rule! I knew the memory foam pad was the key so thats what I searched for. I considered other high price/quality beds but what SOLD me on buddy beds was the non toxic memory foam!Thank You for a great, safe product for my furkids!
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O.M.G!!!!!! Memory Foam with Bolster Bed
Verified Buyer
I have a 16 y/o English Setter that loves this bed!!!She lies down in it and thinks she is in heaven and some day she will be in doggy heaven! Once she is settled in she doesn't move unless she has to go potty. Her body conformes to the bed and what human wouldn't want that!! The money I payed for this was well worth it. I know that she is comfortable, which makes me happy.

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Verified Buyer
I have not yet purchased a BOLSTER BED for my "baby" due to the fact DEBBIE was honest and forthright when I inquired SEVERAL times...size of actual "laying" space...if it came with a waterproof cover... and MOST of all in her suggestion that I wait until my 5-month-old 50 lb. pit bull is older. WAITING til he is OUT of his chewing phase will most DEFINITELY save me money, not to mention sheer dread should he tear up such a nicely made bed!!! THANK YOU "BUDDY BEDS" for being a company intent on SATISFACTION and not simply $$!
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I Like This Bed More Than My Dogs Do!
Verified Buyer
I recently bought two new dog beds - one was the large bolster Buddy Bed and the other a less expensive bolster memory foam bed from a different company. The Buddy Bed is exceptionally well made and offers great support; however, after lying on the bed several times, both dogs definitely prefer the less expensive one. I'm not sure why! The BB is a firmer bed and the bolster goes fully around three sides. The cheaper bed is softer and the bolster wraps around but does not cover both ends completely. I have changed the locations and positions of the beds, but that hasn't helped. The BB also has a plastic covering to protect the support and memory foam mattresses. This piece crinkles a little and perhaps it is the sound that discourages my dogs' use of it. It is not zippered, so would have to be cut off, if I chose to remove it, which I don't because it seems like a very practical idea. I rescue dogs so mane one day I'll have one who really likes it. Three stars only because my dogs rarely use it, but it's something to consider if you have a princess and the pea syndrome in your house!This is Buddy Beds. Thank you Judy for your input. I am sorry to hear of the plastic crinkling; however, we do not use any plastic in our beds (other than the plastic shipping bags). Our waterproof liner is a fabric liner and should not make noise. Buddy Beds contacted this customer.
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Miki's Gift from Santa
Verified Buyer
Yesterday, Santa made an early delivery of a large Buddy Bed (with the bolster) for our 11 year old, blind, black lab, Miki. She LOVES her Buddy Bed. She knows exactly where it is in the bedroom and goes right to it. The memory foam is wonderful for her and she is able to sleep throughout the night (something she hasn't been able to do since going blind). I think the Buddy Bed with the bolster is not only comfortable, but for Miki, its also comforting for her. Thank you for developing a bed for our furry family members that are of the highest quality.
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Best Bed Ever!
Verified Buyer
San Antonio
We received our large bolster Buddy Bed last Thursday and our 130 lb chocolate lab is in heaven. Over his 10 years, we have purchased and discarded more beds than we can recall but can honestly say that we have never seen such a quality orthopedic dog bed. We were really concerned that a large would not fit a dog of his size but he has plenty of room. In fact, the large is more like an extra-large because our lab is very tall as well as heavy and is well supported. We will be purchasing a 2nd bed for our 80 lb lab ASAP! Our buddies thank you very much!
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Comfort at last for a deserving Greyhound
Verified Buyer
Last night was the first night my Greyhound, Jasper, slept in her Buddy Bed, and it was the first night in a long time that she did not get up even once to pace and reposition herself (she has chronic shoulder pain and doesn't often sleep through the night anymore). This means it was the first night in ages that I didn't wake up in the middle of the night to my poor girl walking around in preparation to try and get comfy in her bed. I slept through the night, too! It was awesome!

Here's the thing, though. The first night I put the Buddy Bed out with her blanket on it, Jasper wouldn't set a paw on it. Our other dog, a little beagle mix, bounced across it and even rolled over for a belly rub, but Jasper was having none of it. I tried several times to get her onto it, but she wouldn't. I was really bummed out when she walked away from the Buddy Bed and got onto our bed, looking confused and unhappy.

Then, the next day, I had an idea. I took her old bolster bed, removed the pillow from the center, and laid it over the buddy bed. The donut part easily yet snugly settled and surrounded the shape of the Buddy Bed. I put Jasper's blanket down, and, voila, it looked suspiciously like her old bed. She hopped into it, laid down, stretched out, and went to sleep. She snoozed ALL THROUGH the night until 7:00 a.m., which is about an hour later than she usually sleeps. She looked absolutely blissful, too. A happy ending!

So thank, you, Debbie. I am SO HAPPY we found the Buddy Bed!!
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THE best bed EVER!
Verified Buyer
Marina del Rey
I am the very proud owner of a beautiful shepherd, who has been the even prouder owner of a Buddy Bed for almost a year now. I keep checking this site, as I am looking for a bolster version of this bed, since he does like to cuddle up and have his back against something, which is a little difficult in front of our bed.

Orvis just introduced Memory Foam Bolster. I did order one only to be hugely disappointed in the incredible difference in quality, all the way from the horribly sewn cover to the lack of thickness and density of the memory foam. I just returned the bed and was so shocked with the bad quality, I made it a point to call Orvis and tell them how hugely disappointed I was in their product, I just can't let my dog sleep on.

After one year of nightly use there is absolutely no wear or tear on our bed and our arthritis ridden boy is anxiously awaiting the day Buddy Beds offers is long desired bolster cover.
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