Buddy Beds® Premium Comfort Buddy Bed - Forest Fern-Large

Premium Large Buddy Beds Orthopedic Dog Bed - Forest Fern Large
Buddy Bed layers
Dimensions: 40" X 33" 5"
Cover: Dark Green/ Light Green Microfiber


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Why Does Your Dog Crawl in Bed with You? Because You Have a Better Mattress. "Voted Best Pet Bed" Buddy Beds provides the ultimate in comfort and support. We take away your dog's pain. Our memory foam dog beds eliminates all painful pressure points which is especially beneficial for dogs with arthritis, hip, bone or joint problems. Expertly constructed, and ruggedly stylish, these Memory Foam Dog Beds give your dog the ultimate in comfort and orthopedic support. We have created this dog bed for dog lovers and it is the top of the line in every way. Features:
  • -Patented Sleep System combines a layer of quality 5lb memory foam, with a layer of supporting foam, a protective waterproof/breathable liner, and a durable, washable, outer cover.
  • -Durable, washable quilted covers made of a furniture quality cozy, comfortable suede microfiber.
  • -Quality 5lb. memory foam gives the ultimate in comfort and superior support -- while lasting longer than other beds.
  • -CERTIFIED Non-toxic memory foam free of formaldehyde, phthalates, PVC, and BPA.
  • -Supporting foam prevents "bottoming out" which creates painful pressure points.
  • -Protective liner prevents liquids, stains and odors - the reasons most dog beds are discarded.
  • -Protective liner keeps bed: antibacterial, anti-dust mite, anti-static, and hypoallergenic.
  • -Memory foam conforms�exactly�to every curve and angle of your dog -- becoming soft where you want it, and firm where you need it supporting your dog's body in perfect alignment!�
  • -Memory Foam eliminates all painful pressure points - perfect for senior dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint issues.
  • -This bed was voted "Best Pet Bed" . Not simply for 'orthopedic' pet beds - but for ALL pet beds.
  • -Vet recommended.
  • -Stop buying dog bed after dog bed. Our beds last for years!
Forest Fern features our suede microfiber -- durable, comfortable, and washable. This reversible cover has two shades of green -- one side a medium green and the other side a darker green. Accent piping gives this bed a tailored look.
Buddy Bed layers
Buddy Beds® Premium Comfort Buddy Bed - Forest Fern-Large
Forest Fern
Premium Large Rectangular Buddy Bed
40" X 33" 5"
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