Buddy Beds® Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed - Medium

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Medium - Orthopedic Memory Foam Luxury Dog Bed
Buddy Bed layers
Dimensions: 24" X 33" X 5"


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Why Does Your Dog Crawl in Bed with You? Because You Have a Better Mattress.

Our Medium Luxury Buddy Bed is expertly constructed, and ruggedly stylish, these Memory Foam Dog Beds give your dog the ultimate in comfort and orthopedic support. We have created this dog bed for dog lovers and it is the top of the line in every way.

"Voted Best Pet Bed" Buddy Beds provides the ultimate in comfort and support. We take away your dog's pain. Our memory foam dog beds eliminates all painful pressure points which is especially beneficial for dogs with arthritis, hip, bone or joint problems.

Thick orthopedic memory foam provides cushioning comfort and support for your beloved Buddy. Your Buddy Bed® is the ultimate in comfort - 2 inches of memory foam, supported upon 3 inches of support foam, for a total of 5 inches deep.

Buddy Beds® are the only orthopedic memory foam pet beds that last - due to the waterproof (yet breathable) fabric liner that is sewn around the Buddy Bed memory foam. This waterproof liner completely surrounds and protects the precious memory foam from liquids, stains, and odors.

Washable outer cover - luxurious soft fabric makes it the perfect place to snuggle. Extra long zippers allow outer cover to be removed for machine washing.

Voted "Best Pet Bed" by Pet Age Magazine!

Buddy Beds ® has been awarded the Animal Wellness Seal of Approval.

Made in the USA
Buddy Bed layers

Features at a Glance:

  • -Patented Sleep System combines a layer of quality memory foam, with a layer of supporting foam, a protective waterproof/breathable liner, and a durable, washable, outer cover.
  • -Durable, washable quilted covers made of a furniture quality cozy, comfortable suede microfiber.
  • -Quality memory foam gives the ultimate in comfort and superior support -- while lasting longer than other beds.
  • -CERTIFIED Non-toxic memory foam free of formaldehyde, phthalates, PVC, and BPA.
  • -Supporting foam prevents "bottoming out" which creates painful pressure points.
  • -Protective liner prevents liquids, stains and odors - the reasons most dog beds are discarded.
  • -Protective liner keeps bed: anti-dust mite, anti-static, and hypoallergenic.
  • -Memory foam conforms exactly to every curve and angle of your dog, becoming soft where you want it, and firm where you need it supporting your dog's body in perfect alignment!
  • -This bed was voted "Best Pet Bed". Not simply for 'orthopedic' pet beds - but for ALL pet beds.
  • -Vet recommended.
  • -Non-Toxic Memory Foam made in USA. Covers may be imported.
Buddy Beds®  Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed - Medium
Buddy Beds® Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed - Medium
24" X 33" X 5"

A Buddy Bed® provides these benefits for your dog and for you:

  • Buddy Beds takes away the pain!
  • The ultimate in comfort and support
  • Reduced aches and pains for your dog
  • -Memory Foam eliminates all painful pressure points - perfect for senior dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint issues.
  • -Memory foam conforms exactly to every curve and angle of your dog, becoming soft where you want it, and firm where you need it supporting your dog's body in perfect alignment!
  • -This bed was named "Best Pet Bed". Not simply for 'orthopedic' pet beds - but for ALL pet beds.
  • -Vet recommended.
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Optional Heater Available
  • -Stop buying dog bed after dog bed. Our beds last for the lifetime of your dog!
For more information about our dog beds, click here.

MEMORY FOAM DENSITY: 4lb (2 inches)

NON-TOXIC MEMORY FOAM - Certified Non-toxic by CertiPur

MADE IN USA: Memory Foam - Yes. (covers may be imported)


WATER RESISTANT: Yes, waterproof, breathable liner

SHAPE: Rectangle



OUTER FABRIC: Suede Microfiber




WARRANTY: Limited warranty for manufacturing defects
All Color Choices

Taupe Suede Cover


Taupe Suede - $229

Taupe Suede Microfiber
No piping
Carry Handle

Upgrade to a Premium Microfiber Cover


Beach Blues - $259

Side 1: Pacific Blue Microfiber with Beige Piping
Side 2: Beige Microfiber with Pacific Blue Piping
Edges: Sea Glass Green

Colorado Mountain - $259

Side 1: Red Microfiber with Black Piping
Side 2: Black Microfiber with Red Piping
Edges: Evergreen Microfiber

Forest Fern - $259

Side 1: Dark Brownish Green Microfiber with Taupe Piping
Side 2: Fern Green Microfiber with Taupe Piping
Edges: Fern Green

Taos Sage - $259

Side 1: Taos Sage Green Suede Microfiber with Sand Piping
Side 2: Taos Sage Green Suede Microfiber with Sand Piping
Edges: Taos Sage Green Suede Microfiber


What goes into a Buddy Bed Dog Bed

Learn about the quality that goes into every Buddy Bed - step by step.

Click here to watch how our dog beds are constructed.

Exposing Other Memory Foam Dog Beds That Claim to Be "Orthopedic"

Exposing memory foam dog beds that claim to be "orthopedic";.

How to tell if your dog bed is TRULY orthopedic?

See what happens when we place a 12 pound bowling ball on some "orthopedic" dog beds.

Watch the proof about Orthopedic Dog Beds
Customer Reviews
If I could give more than 5 stars I would!
Verified Buyer
Palm City, FL
I now own 3 Buddy Beds or I guess I should say my Corgis now own 3 Buddy Beds! I purchased my first bed many many year's ago - 8 or 9 at least. That bed still looks new! At the time I "splurged" and spent what I thought was a great deal of money for a dog bed but considering the quality and the long durability of the beds I now think they are a bargain! Thank you for making the BEST dog bed imaginable!
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A great bed for my girl!
Verified Buyer
I bought (what I thought was )a quality bed for my first dog right before she came to my home so it was here when she arrived at her forever home. As a lab mix I thought getting an orthopedic mattress would be good since labs are known to have hip problems in later years. Well, my lab has never liked "orthopedic" mattresses that have "nubs". She is forever scratching at them, trying to get rid of them. I ordered a large Buddy Bed for her Christmas gift this year and she LOVES it! She actually looks like she feels regal sitting on the bed! I'm especially glad she likes it since she is getting older and she seems to like to have more comfort when she lies down. I'm sorry I didn't know about Buddy Beds when I got her or that's all I would have in my house. I even got a travel pad for the car this Christmas. The dogs (2) thought it was wonderful when they first jumped onto the pad. They slept the whole trip! Thanks Buddy Beds for making my girls so happy and content in our house and in the car!
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The BEST bed by a long shot
Verified Buyer
I purchased a Buddy Bed 8 or 9 years ago for my Cardigan Welsh Corgi. It has been washed many times and I just can't believe how well it has held up. A Buddy Bed is worth every penny I spent for it! I'm in the process of purchases another Buddy Bed for my other corgi. Thank you for such a fabulous product!
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Great bed for your buddy!
Verified Buyer
My Labrador loves his Buddy Bed! I do too, except the Taupe Suede cover that came with it didn't hold up very well...thin material. I finally broke down and ordered a new cover in fleece. For $99 + shipping lets hope it is made better than the last.
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They last and last and last
Verified Buyer
I think I bought my first buddy bed at least 10 years ago, then I bought a second one shortly thereafter. They have been used by multiple dogs over the years and honestly, the bed is as good as it was when first purchased. The covers wear out, but the bed is still firm and like new. The special covering for the memory foam keeps it that way. I can't see how these beds will ever wear out. And although they are expensive, you probably won't ever have to buy another one (unless you continue to get more dogs, like me :-))
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Buddy Bed Review
Verified Buyer
I bought this for my senior lab with hip dysplasia. I've had it for almost three years now, and it is still in perfect condition. My lab lays on it quite a bit too. The foam is of the best quality, none of the other beds I had bought before compare to it at all, and the cover washes well and spot cleans easily too. I absolutely love this bed, and it's great for my dog's joints, he doesn't limp at all when he gets off of it. Though more expensive, it evens out in the end, as the cheaper dog beds I've bought don't last nearly as long as this one. I'm considering buying another one for my new rescue dog, as her cheaper dog bed is flattening out already. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, it's well worth it.
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Quality product has helped elderly Labrador
Verified Buyer
I purchased an orthopedic dog bed several years ago from Buddy Beds and it's still in excellent shape. My Lab turns 14 this month and has loved this bed for years now. Even my younger Lab has enjoyed it as well and it still looks beautiful, is incredibly comfortable, and is certainly the nicest (of the many) dog bed(s) in our house. We are preparing to move across country this month and I'm worried about maintaining my dog's comfort in the car for 4 days of all day travel. In preparation for the trip, I just ordered the extra travel bed from Buddy Beds for the back of my SUV. Based on my experience with my old girl's primary bed, I know this travel bed will be my best bet for ensuring her comfort on such a difficult drive. Thank you for easing my mind about how to get my sweet old girl to the East Coast in comfort.
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Best Bed Ever!
Verified Buyer
We have had our Buddy Bed for at least 4 years now and it is the best quality bed I have found. My dog has had several knee surgeries and I wanted him to have a good supportive bed. This is it! It is also durable and waterproof. Love it!
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Buddy Bed Review
Verified Buyer
East Hartford
My dog Vicky has lost the use if her rear legs in walking. She is on pain medicine every six hours around the clock. I purchased a memory foam bed from a local store. Vicky loved it from the first, She used to get down when she saw me, thinking such a nice comfortable but supportive bed must be something for people, not dogs, I convinced her after awhile that it was hers, She spent most of her time in the hoise on it.

then I noticed she was avoiding the bed.would not lie on it. I found she had been incontinent, and the cover had allowed the urine to go through to the memory foam beneath, which was soaked. through.

An on-line search led me to Buddy Beds. There were a number if sites t=with good things to say. I ordered the bed to fit Vicky. The quality is incomparable, and a plastic cover keeps urine away from the memory foam.

The piddle toppers wick moisture away from her skin. I washed them in the washing machine and dried them in the dryer, or in the air. The only problem I found was that a very slight odor and some discoloration remained.

Another on-line search, for getting stains and odor out of incontinent pads, led to some good advice. As directed, I added a cup of baking soda to the wash, then pout the detergent in its slot. The other suggestion was to put white vinegar into the bleach and fabric softener slots. The results were wonderful! No odors whatsoever, and no spots or discoloration.

I recommend Buddy Beds to anyone with dogs who need soft padding when they sleep, including those with arthritis.
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Best dog bed EVER
Verified Buyer
I bought this bed for my dog after she had ACL surgery. She's had the bed for three years and it's still in perfect condition. It's huge and is plenty big for my yellow lab and cat. I wouldn't buy a dog bed anywhere else after my experience with this one :)
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Best Dog Bed - EVER!
Verified Buyer
Just about a year ago I purchased the Deluxe Buddy Bed for my lab, who's almos 16 yrs old. We LOVE this bed. She was having such a hard time with her other bed (a $100 bed purchased at a local pet store - one of many over the years). With a little hesitation because of her age I decided to try this bed and it has been one of the best purchases ever! She is able to get in and out of it and even circle around before she settles without any problems at all. She stays in it for hours at a time without moving. This bed is so comfortable, sometimes I lay on it with her and snuggle her. It's the same quality as we purchased it a year ago. It is PERFECT! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! for making such a high quality product. It was so worth the price.
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2nd generation
Verified Buyer
We have a buddy bed for our black lab Addie. She actually inherited this bed from our first dog. We have had it at least 10 years and it is still as good as the day we bought it. The memory foam pillow has held it's shape extremly well, and the cover is easy to wash. I would recommend this dog bed to anyone...it is well worth the money spent.
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I love our Buddy Foam Bed
Verified Buyer
I bought this because many beds on the market don't have enough filling and don't look verry good shortly after I get them. I have two Boxer's and Cooper Doo my larger boxer loves the bed! I would like it ieven more if it came in more colors other than that I would tell anyone to buy one.
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AWESOME! I wish my bed were this comfortable!
Verified Buyer
I bought my first Buddy Bed for my 8 year old lab when she started showing signs of arthritis. She hopped into it the minute we took it out of the box and she hasn't looked back since. She is getting around better than she was before! She loves her Buddy Bed so much I got another one for our new puppy! If you want the best for your dog, look no further!
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Senior Dog Delight!
Verified Buyer
Las Vegas
This bed deserves all the awards and customer accolades that it has earned. Our home in Las Vegas is tiled throughout all the common rooms. Our senior dog takes his job very seriously, and lies facing the front door "on patrol" most of the day. We noticed after he got up from sleeping on the hard tiles how stiff his shoulders and hips were. However, we knew he liked the tiles because they were so cool. I thought I would try the buddy bed and see if he would use it. He loves it! He now spends the day on his Buddy Bed, and never gets up sore. He sleeps on it even in the hottest weather, and because the bed is so supportive, he never has a hard time getting out of it. My suggestion would be to make sure you don't buy your dog too big of a bed, because his feet will be too far away from the edge, and this will make getting up more difficult. I'm so impressed with this bed that I I'm buying him another one to move around the house as needed.
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Best Bed for Surgery Recovery & Excellent Customer Service
Verified Buyer
My Australian Cattle Dog just had surgery for a herniated disc in her back last week. She is confined to an exercise pen except for potty breaks. I purchased the Luxury Buddy Bed for her to recover on because I was concerned about pressure sores and keeping her comfortable. I am extremely impressed with the Buddy Bed I received. It is a quality made product with no plastic smell! My dog LOVES it and sleeps on it daily. She actually prefers it to her favorite sleeping place - the floor. She will even sit on it and just hang out. I was also extremely pleased with their customer service. I neglected to order it until the day before her surgery! They were very nice and worked with me to get it out on that day's shipment. Their personal attention and responses were refreshing. Great bed, great company. I am recommending them to all my dog friends and the vets I go to!
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Holding up very well w/100+ lbs of dog on it, and LOVE the cover!!
Verified Buyer
I think I've had this for at least 6 months, and I am SO impressed at how well it's holding up! The bed doesn't sag at all (and I've got two 50+ pound dogs on it!), and my FAVORITE part is the INCREDIBLE COVER!! I've had MANY dog beds over the years, and one of the biggest things that drove me crazy was trying to get the hairs off/out of the cover so that I could even put it in the washing machine!! No matter HOW much hair is on it or how long it's been since I washed it (usually weeks), NO HAIR EVER GETS STUCK IN THE MICROFIBER COVER - EVER!!!!!!!!!! The hair just vacuums right off COMPLETELY, and I don't even have to work at it AT ALL!! This alone would sell me on the bed, even at such an expensive price! My dogs LOVE this bed (both are over 8 years old), and get quite upset when I take it out even for a few minutes just to change the cover! One piece of advice, though, for dogs with oily skin - I put a large towel over the top of the bed inside the cover, so that any of their skin oils don't permanently stain the waterproof cover on the mattress, and this has worked very well.
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Fantastic Bed
Verified Buyer
I've been looking for a dog bed like this for years after going through countless beds from Orvis. Annie will have years of comfort on this bed. Thank you for making such a great bed!
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a great comfort for a companion in pain
Verified Buyer
Port Ryerse, Ontario
Our companion friend, Farley rested comfortably on his Buddy Bed for several years. His bed was one of the first designs and although Farley is no longer with us, the bed continues to be used by friends more than 5 years later. The bed is still in great shape and offers comfort to an aging arthritic dog. Great product!
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Shadow finally sleeps through the night!
Verified Buyer
I just wanted to let you know that Shadow's Buddy Bed arrived yesterday, and I think she had the most sound night's sleep perhaps ever. I usually wake up about 2-times during the night, and when I do I find Shadow already awake or that I've awoken her. Last night, each time I woke up, there she was sound asleep. In fact, when I woke up this morning, she was sleeping and dreaming (y'know how you can tell when a dog's dreaming), and that never happens. She's always up before I wake. So I just wanted to pop you a note of thanks for the Buddy Bed. Shadow loves it, and so do I. I hope it lasts, and lasts, and lasts.
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Kayla Journey's favorite bed!
Verified Buyer
Our precious 4 legged angel has enjoyed her Buddy Bed for almost 4 years now. It has been wonderful to care and made with the finest quality material. When we added a new sunroom to our home about 1 year ago I thought it would be wonderful to have a second Buddy Bed for Kayla to use. When I ordered it there seemed to be a problem with the zipper. When I called and spoke with Debbie she immediately responded that the cover would be replaced! This is such a wonderful company and I am so very grateful to have found such a warm and caring person such as Debbie to do business with. Kayla and I send a big thank you hug to Debbie and all the wonderful folks who work at Buddy Beds! You are all Angels!
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Comfort for him, peace of mind for me
Verified Buyer
I can't say enough terrific things about Buddy Beds as a company and as a product! Louie has a variety of medical issues, both neurological and physical, that can make for rather painful days & nights. I do a lot of research for everything that has to do with him - including his bed. I'm so thankful to have found Buddy Beds! These beds are made with the finest quality memory foam (no more of those cheaply made, poor-performing beds that didn't help with his pain). Since Louie started sleeping on his Buddy Bed, I notice that he wakes up less during the night to shuffle or pace. The physical therapist who works with him has stated that she sees less stiffness and better alignment when he walks, likely due in part to the support that his joints get when he sleeps which also leads to less muscle soreness & stiffness. Just like my friends who rave about their Tempurpedic beds - I wonder if Louie raves about his Buddy Bed to his pup pals! With all of his vet visits, treatments, and medications, price is certainly important to me. The math adds up when I consider the longevity & quality of our Buddy Bed versus the average dog bed. The quality of this bed ensures that we'll have it for his lifetime and beyond. I know that I got more "bang for my buck" in this one wonderful bed than all of our previous beds combined. The therapeutic & orthopedic benefits are priceless!Thank you to Buddy Beds, from Louie & from me!
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Labrador Retrievers Compete for Buddy Bed
Verified Buyer
Santa Barbara
These are the BEST dog beds ever. We've bought dozens upon dozens of dog beds however none compare to the outstanding Buddy Bed. The quality is all there. Even after 5 years of 2 labs roughhousing, these Buddy Beds are still in great shape. We have 2 dog beds that we bring in and out of the house. As soon as I pull one of the Buddy Beds outside in the morning I am sure to find one of our dogs attentively waiting by to stake his/her claim on the bed. Who knew it would be so hilarious to see one dog covet the other over who gets the Buddy Bed. They are that comfortable! Thanks, Debbie.
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Superior Product Comes With Superior Service
Verified Buyer
I've just received two new Buddy Beds. I am totally impressed with the quality of the beds, their attractiveness. Pups love them, too, which is the most important thing. However, beyond the quality, when they arrived, there was ever so slight a problem. Debbie was unbeliveably wonderful, jumping right in to set things right. To receive a quality product with superior customer service is not always the norm today, but I will highly recommend Buddy Beds to my friends on both counts. Thank you, Debbie.
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My dog loves her beds!
Verified Buyer
Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the Buddy Bed! If you are reading this and thinking about buying a Buddy BedG--do it!!!

My 13 year old, Gertie, absolutely loves hers. So much so that I bought her a second one in order to keep one downstairs for during the day and another upstairs for bedtime. Prior to my adoption of Gertie she was severely neglected and ended up extremely obese (she weighed 125 lbs when rescued by animal control and now weighs a healthy 55 lbs). All of this extra weight led to the development of arthritis in her elbows, hips and back. She may have had a tough beginning but she is living the good life now and enjoying every minute of it. I know she loves her Buddy Bed because she has full range of the house and always returns to it! It is her headquarters.

I recently had a problem with one of her beds when Gertie had an accident overnight at the kennel (she ALWAYS travels with one of her beds) and it leaked through the waterproof liner. I talked to Buddy Beds owner, Debbie and she was shockedG--said it was the first time it had every happened. She stood behind the product 100% and is sending me a new bed. All she asked was that I send her the defective liner so she could figure out what went wrong. Amazing customer service and quality control!!!

I highly recommend this product and company. My only regret is not finding the Buddy Beds' website sooner so my Gypsy could have enjoyed one also in her senior years.
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Thank Goodness for Buddy Beds!
Verified Buyer
Edwy, my 10+ year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has hip displaysia. When he was about 7 years old, he had a bout with mites that left his feet scarred and bleeding, so between both medical problems he has ongoing foot and leg pain. As he's gotten older, it has become harder and harder for him to rise from a prone position and he can no longer do even a single step up from the ground. He has a ramp to use when he goes outside, but before Buddy Beds, he found it so painful to rise from a regular dog bed that he'd taken to sleeping on the bare floor. I tried egg crate beds, I tried foam beds with memory foam tops, I tried every "Best" orthopedic bed advertised in whatever veterinary or pet catalog I received but none of them helped him at all. I'd recently bought myself a new solid memory foam mattress and loved it, so when I was browsing on the Internet and found Buddy Beds, I decided to try one for Edwy. He loved it! It was comfortable when he lay down and it was supportive enough that he was able to rise from it or step up onto it without difficulty. He likes to spend his days on our screened porch and sleep inside at night, so when I saw him trying to drag his Buddy Bed outside one morning, I bought him a second one to keep on the porch permanently. I'd never been able to keep a bed on the porch for very long before because other beds would never dry properly, so I particularly like the waterproof cover that comes with the Buddy Beds. I simply cannot say enough good things about them and would recommend them to anyone. Buddy Beds are the Best!
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My pomeranian loves his buddy bed
Verified Buyer
Hi my name is Vanda from Woodbridge, Ontario. I recently purchased the orthopedic buddy bed for my best friend Rocky. I was searching everywhere for a good quality orthopedic dog bed and finally i found it., I must tell you this bed is a fantastic bed. When I received it it was well packaged and beautiful. My pomeranian was scard at the beginning because he was not used to something so sturdy and comfortable. It took him a day to go on it and finally he loves this bed he sleeps the whole night. Also he does not limp as before when he used to get up from the other brand beds. I know Rocky is happy because when I say go bed he dives in his bed and rolls on his back.

I want to also thank Debbie for being so wonderful and thank her for creating such a great orthopedic bed for my best friend Rocky and other animals.

Thank you Debbie for your great inventions for our pets

Regards Vanda in Woodbridge, Ontario
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Simply, THE BEST!
Verified Buyer
Only the best for my rescue standard poodle and thanks to BUDDY BEDS she'sgot it. Not only does she love it but so do I, so comfy to cuddle up with her. Fromstart to finish this has been such a good and easy purchase. It is obvious you have a passion for what you do and that made it easy for me to choose Buddy Beds. Thank you.
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Buddy Bed Comfort for a Canuck Canine
Verified Buyer
A 13-year-old Standard Schnauzer lives at our house. Our dog spends many daily hours snoozing on his (previously) 'thin-skinned' dog-bed - rousing himself at infrequent intervals on his stiff and occasionally 'collapsing 'limbs. So recently I decided to seek out and purchase an orthopedic dog-bed that would be kind to his 'senior' joints.
My Internet search took me to the website of one well-known American clothing company offering an orthopedic dog-bed. I was eager to purchase one when to my chagrin, I discovered that this company did NOT ship its dog-beds outside the continental U.S.A. I happen to live in Ontario, Canada near Toronto. That product , which had looked promising, was a "No-Go". I temporarily abandoned my search. (I had not been successful in finding what I wanted in Canada, having started my search there.)
Good thing! - because the very next time I went searching online, I discovered the website of "Buddy Beds" (Lucky me!) Therein I found a wealth of information which instructed me on what I should be looking for in purchasing a top-quality Memory Foam orthopedic dog-bed. And not only did "Buddy Beds" offer this quality in 2 sizes of orthopedic dog-beds with several washable outer covers to choose from (one of which was perfect for my home decor), but this company also shipped their product to Canada!
In resolving some issues with my international order, I had a phone conversation with Debbie, the owner of "Buddy Beds". She is very friendly, very credible and very professional about all of the details of her business (including the security of her customers' credit card information for on-line orders). She related to me that her inability to be able to purchase a high-quality dog-bed for her own dog motivated her to establish her "Buddy Beds" business.
My "Buddy Bed" was delivered to my home (in Canada) the day following this conversation, border-crossing and customs-clearance notwithstanding! Incredible service!
Needless to say, my dog is now enjoying his "Buddy Bed" which is everything the "Buddy Beds" website states that it is and portrays it to be!
My dog is happy ......and my knowing how much more comfortable he is on that bed makes me happy too. Thank you, "Buddy Beds" & Debbie!
Carole B. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
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Sleeping Beauty
Verified Buyer
We first purchased only 2 Buddy Beds based on reviews & advertisement in Bark Magazine for our 4 legged kids (2 Jack Russells & 2 English Bulldogs) originally skeptical of the higher price. As soon as we got the 2; verified & agreed with the quality of the beds & the covers. We ordered 2 more within days! These beds are worth every penny! The Kids are resting like Sleeping Beauties.

The beds are extremely comfortable & true tempurpedic beds of the same quality that me & my wife sleep on. One of our Jack Russels is older & arthritic & the Buddy Bed has helped with his arthritic joints. Four years later we still have the same 4 Buddy Beds & same four kids, albeight one English Bulldog is a little bit bigger ;) I think we may need to order another one that's larger. The friendliness of the owner of BuddyBeds being an animal lover herself is exemplified & carried over into top notch the customer service. We would never put our kids on another bed knowing that the Best is a Buddy Bed.
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Mayse loves her buddy bed and "shares
Verified Buyer
Morris Plains
We needed a buddy bed quickly for rehab after Mayse's emergency spinal surgery. Debbie responded to my urgent v-message on the weekend and personally communicated with us until the bed was received. The buddy bed is substantial and of notable quality. The waterproof cover is an excellent safty-net. Mayse is walking now and doing very well. She shares her bed with Lucy, her "sister" and the cats that choose to join her. ' glad we purchased the large one!
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I think they sleep better than I do.
Verified Buyer
Lloyd Harbor
For as long as I can remember, dogs have been an important part of my life. I love them. In fact, I have six -one Lhasa, and FIVE Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, ranging in age from 14 to 6 months. For all of the wonder and smiles that they have brought to me, I'v e made sure that they are loved and well cared for. A little over a year ago, arthritis was making days and nights difficult for my oldest - Liam. There honestly wasn't a dog bed or mattress that I didn't try to help relieve his discomfort and pain. No relief. I came across an ad for Buddy Beds, and placed an order based on yet another advertising promise. Only this time, the promise was real. No more slow, achey starts in the morning - he bounds down the hall. He sleeps restfully and peacefully. The only problem was that all of the others wanted his bed, too. So, now I have multiple Buddy Beds, very happy dogs, and a garage full of all of those others that made promises they couldn't keep.

My dogs thank you - and I thank you - for an absolutely wonderful product.

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Finally, a pet product that exceeds expectations!
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After multiple beds over many years, our 13 year old Chocolate Lab needed respite, especially after he decided to relocate back to Colorado from Virginia, a three day and 1,800 mile journey in the back of a Jeep. Fortunately Debbie was able to provide him exactly the bed he needed, precisely when he needed it upon his arrival home, and one year later, even with his 85 pounds of old bones resting on the bed daily, he has not made even a dent in the memory foam and the cover looks as good as the day it was delivered despite numerous washings. Rarely does a pet product deliver on its promises, and almost never does customer service meet expectations, however, with Buddy Beds both product and support far exceeded our even our wildest imagination. Invest wisely in your dog's health and happiness with a Buddy Bed; he/she won't regret and neither will you!
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4 Dalmatians & 4 Buddy Beds
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Grand Rapids
I have 4 Dalmatians ranging in age from 14 years old down to 7 years old. They each have their own Buddy Bed and all of them love their Buddy Bed. That is why I have purchased so many. Every time there is a new dog member added, they want to take over another dog's Buddy Bed!!!!! These are top of the line for your dogs!!! Ask Hailey, Brittany, Heart or Buttons!!!
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Better than a Vet!!
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New Rochelle
My yellow Lab started having a problem with her left hing leg, limping. I went to the vet every other week for a check up, she was put on meds then 2months later she received all natural shots, every 3-5 days. I did this for about 3 weeks. Then I found this web-site & ordered the bed. It's a miracle!!! The new bed, daily walks & glucosamine & she's a new dog!!! Thank you for making this bed!!!! Love it...
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THANK YOU for developing such a wonderful bed!!!
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This is the second Buddy Bed I am purchasing for my chocolate lab, Honey!! It is absolutely the perfect bed for her!! In the evening, Hone likes to join me in the livingroom when I turn on television to watch the news; but she will never stay more than a few minutes because the bed in the livingroom does not begin to compare in comfort!! She leaves me reluctantly to lie down in the dining room, on her Buddy Bed! Now she won't have to. :-)

She sends her love and appreciation, along with mine!
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Great Bed Great Customer Service
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New York
I spent hours online looking for the perfect dog bed. Comfortable with the right support. Durable. Stylish. I even priced making a memory foam dog bed myself but in the end realized Buddy Beds was cheaper. What I didn't even consider was that my dog wouldn't like it. Flat out wanted nothing to do with it. No coaxing. No sitting on it. Nothing changed his mind.

I called Buddy Beds. They suggested I take away any other bedding and lay one of the old dog bed covers over the new bed. It took about two seconds. The new bed was now the bed of choice. Thanks Buddy Beds.

Great bed and great advice.
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Old Customer Returns After 5 Years
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West Chester
Dear Debbie,

I am writing to commend you on your fabulous product! We purchased 2 beds for our beloved chocolate lab, Anna and sweet Sheltie, Brie. five years ago.

I am ordering new covers for their beds only because you have lovely new color combinations. Our old covers are still in perfect condition as is the dog bed itself. There is no change in the bed itself after 5 years of use. No lumpiness or squashed area. I'm sure we will never need to replace the beds and really didn't need to replace the covers.

Thank you again for a surperb dog bed.

Sincerely,Janet & Bruce Marra, Anna & Brie

It's unusual to find a product that is as good as they advertise, but this one is every bit as good!.
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I just brought in a bunch of photos to be developed of Honey lying on her Buddy Bed, and hopefully, one of those will capture her expression of absolute, sighing comfort that the bed imparts. I think it is a physical sensation, but also psycological. She knows it's a present for her and treasures it; and nothing compares to its comfort.
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So comfortable!
Dallie and I love our new Buddy Beds!
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